Saturday, April 10, 2010

This is the last one today, I swear! (CrygorTool 0.2.2 Beta Release)

(Merging all three updates today into this post to prevent blog clutter!)

Version 0.2.2 April 10 2010
- Fixed an imported microgame having the chance to overwrite saved progress in the Job Center.

Version 0.2.1 April 10 2010
- Fixed a bug where an imported microgame could overwrite your Game MakerMatic data!
- Fixed a bug created in 0.2 that would save a file to a blank name if you canceled the save.

Version 0.2 April 10 2010
- Added very basic support for records/comics (it's sort of hacked in, will improve eventually).
- Locked games will still show a preview.
- REALLY fixed the bug where importing microgames would save over the first slot or copy a game multiple times.
- Fixed a bug where opening a .sav with a .sav already opened broke the microgame list.
- Fixed a bug where the file extension was not saved if you did not type it in the file name.

Please do not reupload, redistribute, or direct link!
Download CrygorTool 0.2.2


Anonymous said...

...You're using Game Maker to make this? If you said that, I would have offered to help out...but really, Game Maker? That's the best way to make this?

Phazeta said...

If it works, what does it matter?

Anonymous said...

First off: Dude, this is awesome! (Well I know it will be when I get it to work)I am very glad you are writing this program.

I use iTouch2 flash cart. When I load my .sav file into Crygortool, all the microgame slots are empty.

I have tried a US & a JP .sav file. I know for certain there are microgames in there.

Are you aware of any issues with this brand flashcart?

Anonymous said...

I have one request: could you please make the preview window be at 1-to-1 resolution, i.e at 256 x 192 pixels? That way people can easily take non-scrunched screenshots of microgames.

SmashManiac said...

Mmmm... this program looks promising, but I own an original copy of the game, so I can't use it.

It would be great if CrygorTool could read/write WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase save data too, since it's not copy-protected.

Reimu_H said...

Needs moar updates.

I hope the creator didn't abandon this.

Anonymous said...

is there a way to lock my unlocked game, after setting the "star-shaped-module"?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to program a MIO file analyzing program, too. I used mioedit and your CrygorTool program to try to find out what a MIO file is made of. But every time I save a file it says something about a checksum. And indeed, the file's binary source code didn't only change on the place I changed it, it also changed somewhere on the top of the file. Can you help me with it, please? My e-mail address is: Waddle.Dee(at)

johnsonrobert said...

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