Monday, May 10, 2010

DIY Showcase Boss Games

>> Download <<

Contains the .mio files for the four bosses and a Showcase save file also containing them. Either use CrygorTool to get them on your DS or copy them through Showcase from the save.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

This is the last one today, I swear! (CrygorTool 0.2.2 Beta Release)

(Merging all three updates today into this post to prevent blog clutter!)

Version 0.2.2 April 10 2010
- Fixed an imported microgame having the chance to overwrite saved progress in the Job Center.

Version 0.2.1 April 10 2010
- Fixed a bug where an imported microgame could overwrite your Game MakerMatic data!
- Fixed a bug created in 0.2 that would save a file to a blank name if you canceled the save.

Version 0.2 April 10 2010
- Added very basic support for records/comics (it's sort of hacked in, will improve eventually).
- Locked games will still show a preview.
- REALLY fixed the bug where importing microgames would save over the first slot or copy a game multiple times.
- Fixed a bug where opening a .sav with a .sav already opened broke the microgame list.
- Fixed a bug where the file extension was not saved if you did not type it in the file name.

Please do not reupload, redistribute, or direct link!
Download CrygorTool 0.2.2

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CrygorTool 0.1.1 Beta Release

Version 0.1.1 April 7 2010
- Reduced memory use greatly.
- Corrected bug when importing a microgame.
- Corrected wrong color choice when importing an image.
- Added option to edit microgame length.
- Added Back button to the .sav tool screen to return to editing a microgame.

Please do not reupload, redistribute, or direct link!

Download CrygorTool 0.1.1

Known issues:
  • Opening a .sav while you have a .sav already open breaks the microgame list.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CrygorTool 0.1 Beta Release

CrygorTool 0.1 is ready for you guys to test.

Please note: This is a test release for those closely following its development. Please do not reupload, redistribute, or direct link! This release is for hunting down any bugs, and to expose the program to save files other than my own.

CrygorTool.exe version 0.1

Please post bugs, comments, etc here.

(I probably made some silly obvious mistake, too).

Edit- Know issues:
  • I totally forgot the Edit Length option.
  • The program is a memory hog (I have found a fix to reduce memory greatly).
  • There is no Back button on the .sav tools screen. 
  • The colors I was using to render the preview are very slightly off. 
  • Bug importing games

Saturday, April 3, 2010

DIY Dev Forum?

It seems like there are several of us interested in hex editing these save files. We really need a place to discuss our findings and share our projects, with both public and private posting. A forum would be great, but the best I could do would be to set up one of those free boards like invisionfree. It would require some sort of private area where we can post sources and stuff without fearing people stealing them.

Does anyone have an idea better than a free board?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Miotool Fail

Some of you may have noticed on the box of your microgames, there is a little id number that has 4 letters in it. These letters are usually the same for microgames you make. Nintendo microgames use 'nint'.

I bring this up because I noticed miotool decides to replace those letters with 'yasu' (the name of miotool's creator) when you export a microgame with it. So if you export a game and give it someone else, yasu has decided to stick a little of himself into it. Not only that, but it also does it when you import a game with it as well.

It is safe to assume that I do not like this and will be adding importing/exporting to CrygorTool to avoid this.

Update April 2nd

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Update April 1st (no jokes here)

Figured I'd post to let you know I'm still working. I wasted some time trying to get microgame import/export working until I realized it was pointless to reinvent the wheel; miotool does it perfectly and I was just cluttering my code and gui. So I stripped it out and now CrygorTool opens only .mio files extracted by miotool.

Speaking of the gui, I'm about to give it a huge overhaul. After that, I'm going to really start working on getting features in. I've looked at win conditions (nothing exciting to be found in there) and a bit of scripting.

I'm looking for a good way to match any color to colors from WarioWare's palette (for importing images). Anyone know a good way of doing this?

As for locked games, I have decided NOT to allow editing of them. The poll is split evenly, but all text responses I got were against it; I didn't hear any good reasons for supporting it.

I have another ethical question for you: Should I allow you to create "gold carts" with NinSoft company logos, essentially looking exactly like one of Nintendo's "big name" microgames? I'm going with yes here, but I can see how some people might not like people putting out fake 'official' games.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Locked Microgames - My Stance

Wow, I got some nasty messages about that post. Here is what I think personally:

Being able to edit locked content is bad. However, it is VERY easy to bypass the lock. I mean, stupidly easy to the point it might as well not be there. If I block locked games in CrygorTool, it will take someone with a hex editor a whole ten seconds to write an "Unlocker" program, and people will just use that with CrygorTool anyway. Heck, an Action Replay code would allow people WITHOUT access to their saves to edit locked games.

Editing locked games is bad, but let's face it: It won't be long until it happens.

Who is to blame? Nintendo, for doing next to nothing to protect your art/music/scripts. A "please don't edit me" flag is NOT protection.

Gold Carts

As the terrible picture shows, making "gold carts" isn't hard.
Cart Shape - $08
Logo - $07
Cart Color - $03
Logo Color - $00

Locked Microgames?

I've had a lot of people comment on this from both sides. DIY allows creators to lock people from editing a microgame. Effectively, its just a byte that says "Hey, I'm locked" and can just be ignored by CrygorTool. Mioedit does not allow editing of locked games, but as far as I can tell, this is only by choice of its creator.

Here's the problem. I might make CrygorTool's source available to edit (it's made in GameMaker 8, for those wondering. Not the best choice, but it is fast to work with and familiar to me, and there's no messing with .NET libraries or anything). If I release the source, it won't matter if I decide to not allow edited locked games, because someone can just edit the source to remove the check.

Ultimately, I think I will allow editing locked games, but I'll add a sort of guilt trip "Don't be a theif!" warning message. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

Edit - Poll added on the right.

Edit 2 - I have turned on anonymous posting, but I'll turn it off if there is a lot of spam.

Monday, March 29, 2010

miotool/mioedit link

Just search for 'mio' on the page. It can currently export the graphics of games and edit some basic properties.

Boss Stages Editable?

Hm, strange, this sort of looks like Jimmy T's boss stage, which isn't normally editable...

CrygorTool - A WarioWare DIY Editor

CrygorTool is a little time sink of mine. It will be able to edit microgames made in WarioWare: Do It Yourself. It is almost at the point where it matches the features of the current editor, miotool/mioedit.