Thursday, April 1, 2010

Update April 1st (no jokes here)

Figured I'd post to let you know I'm still working. I wasted some time trying to get microgame import/export working until I realized it was pointless to reinvent the wheel; miotool does it perfectly and I was just cluttering my code and gui. So I stripped it out and now CrygorTool opens only .mio files extracted by miotool.

Speaking of the gui, I'm about to give it a huge overhaul. After that, I'm going to really start working on getting features in. I've looked at win conditions (nothing exciting to be found in there) and a bit of scripting.

I'm looking for a good way to match any color to colors from WarioWare's palette (for importing images). Anyone know a good way of doing this?

As for locked games, I have decided NOT to allow editing of them. The poll is split evenly, but all text responses I got were against it; I didn't hear any good reasons for supporting it.

I have another ethical question for you: Should I allow you to create "gold carts" with NinSoft company logos, essentially looking exactly like one of Nintendo's "big name" microgames? I'm going with yes here, but I can see how some people might not like people putting out fake 'official' games.


Kirby PopStar said...

Hey PizzaBoy -- I'm Kirby PopStar from GameFAQs. I just wanted to say keep fighting the good fight and thanks for putting forth the time and effort to make an awesome editor for everyone to enjoy. Your work is appreciated immensely.

You mentioned looking for a good way to match any color to colors from WarioWare's palette so images can be imported. I know a superb way of doing this, but it's probably something better suited for conversation outside of here. If you've got a way you prefer to be contacted or are fine with instant messagaging, let me know how I can get ahold of you and we'll talk.

Also, someone from GameFAQs organized a WarioWare D.I.Y. chat on this flash chat service: -- it's been fairly active lately and CrygorTool has been a commonly discussed topic, so I thought you might care to stop by. Cheers! -- KP

Phazeta said...

It would make the official games less "official", and many people would probably forget about the other cart types and just go for gold, but I guess it can't really hurt.

Kyle Glor said...

Is there anyway you can add a feature to expand the amount of ai you can use like an out of game editor that lets you add extra bits of ai/animation/objects that you normaly would not have enough room for. i think this would be cool because then we could make more complex games (especialy with the boss timer template)

Also is there any way to set an action to happen on the click of a button.(assigning commands to face buttons and directional pad.) I wish they would have put this in the game in the first place.

Also on your "ethical question" i feel you should allow people to choose gold carts because people should be able to tell the difrence between ones they got off a friend and ones you can get through NinSoft

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