Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Locked Microgames - My Stance

Wow, I got some nasty messages about that post. Here is what I think personally:

Being able to edit locked content is bad. However, it is VERY easy to bypass the lock. I mean, stupidly easy to the point it might as well not be there. If I block locked games in CrygorTool, it will take someone with a hex editor a whole ten seconds to write an "Unlocker" program, and people will just use that with CrygorTool anyway. Heck, an Action Replay code would allow people WITHOUT access to their saves to edit locked games.

Editing locked games is bad, but let's face it: It won't be long until it happens.

Who is to blame? Nintendo, for doing next to nothing to protect your art/music/scripts. A "please don't edit me" flag is NOT protection.


Emtu Pfeffer said...
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Emtu Pfeffer said...

Just switching the byte at [location] (in a .MIO file) doesn't work, as the CRC needs to be fixed for mioedit/miotool to accept it, so it's a bit more complicated than that. But only a bit.

Phazeta said...

It's actually not all that easy to create an Action Replay code. For example, you would need a debugger which not many people have, and the emulators that have one cannot load your save file (correct me if I'm wrong). That makes it pretty hard to get a hold of other people's microgames, and you cannot easily export your own either unless you know what you're doing (like pull it from the RAM). So it would be pretty hard to make a code that disables the check unless you're really, really good or willing to spend a lot of time on it. Don't expect to see an Action Replay code for this anytime soon.

Yes, Nintendo should've thought this through a bit more, but still, if you don't even support editing locked microgames yourself, why add that functionality to CrygorTool? That doesn't make any sense. Let people figure it out for themselves. While you may think hex editing one byte in a file then fixing the checksum as necessary is an easy task, you'd be surprised how many people don't even know what a hex editor or checksum is to begin with.

PizzaBoy said...

Hm, well said, Phazeta.

SifJar said...

Maybe Nintendo didn't put much protection in it, but then, it was designed to be ONLY edited by THEIR software. What was the point in wasting time with protection when in theory nothing else can edit it?

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