Saturday, April 3, 2010

DIY Dev Forum?

It seems like there are several of us interested in hex editing these save files. We really need a place to discuss our findings and share our projects, with both public and private posting. A forum would be great, but the best I could do would be to set up one of those free boards like invisionfree. It would require some sort of private area where we can post sources and stuff without fearing people stealing them.

Does anyone have an idea better than a free board?


Anonymous said...

You can still have private sections on boards you know.

On proboards:
Admin > Create Catergory
Catergory name: Private
Allow Member Groups: Admin, Glo.Mod, Mod

Make your boards in that catergory, and only people you make mod/glob.mod/admin can access it. Make them in the General catergory, and it'll be public.

Anonymous said...

You should just idle in the chat! We haven't seen you there since that one time you popped in and popped out!

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