Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CrygorTool 0.1 Beta Release

CrygorTool 0.1 is ready for you guys to test.

Please note: This is a test release for those closely following its development. Please do not reupload, redistribute, or direct link! This release is for hunting down any bugs, and to expose the program to save files other than my own.

CrygorTool.exe version 0.1

Please post bugs, comments, etc here.

(I probably made some silly obvious mistake, too).

Edit- Know issues:
  • I totally forgot the Edit Length option.
  • The program is a memory hog (I have found a fix to reduce memory greatly).
  • There is no Back button on the .sav tools screen. 
  • The colors I was using to render the preview are very slightly off. 
  • Bug importing games


Emtu Pfeffer said...

It's good. I only played with it for a few minutes, but I don't see any glaring problems except for the lack of detection/handling for records and comics.

Emtu Pfeffer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kyleglor said...

I edited a games data in the mio editor of the program and then clicked save as. Then I went to .sav tools and tryed to import it but it would not show up in the list (I even exited the program and reloaded it) but i did get to import the game by going to its folder and typing its name.

Something you probally already know but you cant select a specific slot to import to it always does slot 0

other than thos its working fine for me. Great job

Emtu Pfeffer said...

I said in the deleted comment that importing games doesn't work properly - I was wrong, it just imports to the first available slot, even though you have to select a slot before the import button will work.

Kyleglor said...

? what do you mean 1st slot avalible when i did it it would overight my first game. luckly i always make a backup before editing. so i had to move stuff out of my first slot to import.

Emtu Pfeffer said...

Yeah, I was looking at it wrong. It does always overwrite the first slot.

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